WE ARE PHOTOGRAPHERS inspired by your love journey and HUMBLED each time we are asked to photograph a wedding. FOR US, it's the beginning of a friendship that we TREASURE. A FRIENDSHIP that puts you at ease in front of the camera and translates into GENUINE EXPRESSIONS. 

WHEN WE'RE NOT SHOOTING, EDITING OR DESIGNING, we are lovin' on the 3 little ones God has entrusted to us. They are the reason we wake up every morning... literally. (No matter what time they go to bed they wake up early, bright eyed and bushy tailed... who needs an alarm clock!) We are better people because of their little eyes, and ears observing us.

COY a small town guy, I take life easy and never pass up a good conversation. FREE TIME... I like to spend it with my family. CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT... Zaxby's milkshakes! PET PEEVE... slow drivers.

MICHELLE a romantic at heart, I root for the underdog and am drawn to the outcast. I LOVE to hear a persons' life story. CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT... my lip gloss. PET PEEVE... Someone reading over my shoulder.

Love Journey Weddings is licensed and insured, est.2006

Thanks to friend and fellow photographer Kate Barnette for taking our family portrait.